it happened and I felt awful. But today I asked God for forgiveness and to clear up my soul from sinful thoughts about you and your wife and to guide me to my way... And it worked.. I don't know for how long .. but it worked. I am happy that you are happy with your lady. She is the best woman I ever saw on this planet for you. And I have no doubts this unity was created by God. My link to you is still the same, it will never gone somewhere... We are still dearest persons to each other. But there is one more person in this life for me to love and may be even third one inside her. I'm happy for you, for her and for myself. I know there is one mate for me in this world and it is not you:) I will wait for him:) and make myself perfect! I know where to go and how to get what I want, all I need - your happiness to inspire me... Love you and your family!